Crapwagon Outtake: 1990 Plymouth Voyager Turbo

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Earlier this week, several friends separately sent me this eBay Motors article, highlighting this relatively obscure performance machine sold at Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth dealers back in the late Eighties. No, it never carried the vaunted Shelby badges, nor was it an R/T — though one could (and I almost did) buy such a vehicle these days. However, with proper application of a well-stocked junkyard or two (or eBay, naturally), one could easily build a family hauler that could haul down the quarter mile in around twelve seconds. [video2] I suppose the Mopar planners saw a need for more power under the hood of their popular family van, as competitors appeared with more powerful six-cylinder mills. The Turbo 2.5 was likely an easy, if unconventional, fit. An available five-speed manual was just gravy. I can’t imagine how many people would have checked that particular box, but I could only find one such van for sale right now. With a lonely $500 bid, not yet meeting reserve, this 1990 Plymouth Voyager might never be resurrected into a glorious drag racer. It’d be a shame. Today, all new minivans fit the same basic V6, front-wheel drive, four door, power-everything profile, but there were some interesting choices back in the day. The K-Car saved Chrysler, that is certain. The company couldn’t have paid off those massive government loans without the sales of the Aries and Reliant. But without the K-based minivans, Chrysler wouldn’t have had the extra cash to bring the world the Neon, the LH, the new Ram, or the Viper. I’m not the one to resurrect this heap, but I do hope some other lunatic decides to make an attempt.