Daimler did not tamper with gas measurements

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In the middle of a massive scandal that Volkswagen is involved in regarding cheating diesel emission during U.S. tests, Daimler AG decided to reiterate how the carmaker did not manipulate its units’ exhaust emissions in order to get a clean slate in front of its potential customers. Since Volkswagen publicly admitted to having tempered with its cars’ diesel emissions to pass with flying colors during pollution prevention tests, a series of inquiries were made into not only the German carmaker, but also into other car producers, too. Green ecologist political parties have appealed to the German Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Alexander Dobrindt, who has launched investigations into other car manufacturers to find out if the Volkswagen situation is not a single cheating one. A company spokesman stated on Thursday that “We basically consider ourselves to fulfill the legal requirements and have not made any manipulations to our vehicles.” While Volkswagen used software called “Defeat Device” to get better emission control and reduce emission levels, Daimler has never recurred to this. Even if Volkswagen is facing a threat of loss of public image in the U.S. in terms of diesel technology, and diesel overall is dealing with a drop in popularity, it has rather a less important role for Daimler in the U.S. as only around 5% of its cars sold over the ocean use a diesel engine, according to company data. Daimler’s spokesman for the brand does not expect to see any harmful effects on its car market in the United States. Moreover, Mercedes-Benz which is Daimler’s division, does not expect any significant adverse effects on the U.S. car business in the face of the diesel technology scandal that keeps unveiling.