Did you know the Tesla Model X also has a “bioweapon defense mode”?

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We’re not joking here – this is an actual feature that can be had on the all new Model X crossover and it could bode well with those aiming to wonder everyone with their new electric SUV featuring falcon wing doors and the “Ludicrous” mode. Tesla unveiled the new Model X crossover last week on Tuesday night on front of a crowd that numbered thousands media representatives, VIPs, clients and others. The massive gathering in Fremont, California had chief executive officer and billionaire co-founder Elon Musk finally delivering the keys of the first Model X to an eager customer – with the world having to cope with the company’s delay of their first SUV for almost two years. And many data goes through the roof when discussing the Model X – the $132,000 electric price tag for the Signature Series (eventually people would also see an entry level P70 just as is the case with the Model S sedan that would have a definitely more attractive pricing) or the 3.2 seconds to 60 mph when opting for the Model X P90D equipped with the ludicrous “Ludicrous Mode”. But among the myriad of new features we almost forgot about one that amazed and bewildered us – sitting next to the impressive cabin-air filtration system (which naturally didn’t spark imaginative scenarios) that can virtually eliminate all harmful particulates and bacteria from the cabin, was the system’s seemingly apocalyptic feature: the Bioweapon Defense Mode. Yep, it’s an actual feature, using three filters the air can be as clean as in the operating room of any hospital.