Dieselgate – Volkswagen to recall 8.5m cars in Europe

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The Volkswagen Group will have to recall a total of 8.5 million vehicles across the Old Continent, which are part of the “dieselgate” scandal. The malicious software affecting the CO2 emissions of several million cars produced by Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda has given the media a lot to talk about. “Analysts” are appearing on local televisions and start giving their opinion on the subject, the VW Group’s sales have dropped significantly and second-hand car sellers can no longer make a living. If we don’t really care about the last group of people, we’re not so indifferent when it comes to the huge negative publicity affecting the automotive media these past few weeks. Things have went from bad to worse for Volkswagen which has lost a few “heads” in charge of everything. Prosecutors are searching every brand owned by the German based carmaker and the newest one is Lamborghini, in its Italian headquarters, to see if any the CEOs here have had something to do with the scandal. Now, Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has asked Volkswagen to recall all of its cars equipped with the EA 189 diesel engine. This basically means a total of approximately 8.5 million vehicles in the European Union, out of which 2.4 million have been sold on its local market. All owners of the affected cars will be contacted by the automaker and vehicles will start being fixed in January, 2016, at no cost to the owners. Those of you who happen to be driving such a model will be contacted by Volkswagen but if this doesn’t happen, you will have to get in reach with the automaker yourselves. Don’t worry because this will work just like every other recall made, meaning that all necessary costs for the software updated or replacing some engine parts will be made free of charge. Owners of the affected cars will begin being notified by VW over the next few weeks / months.