Digital artist imagines Alfa Romeo F1 return, complete with closed cockpit

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The renders here depict all the latest trends in the Formula One – a closed cockpit design, as well as the rumored return to the queen of motorsports by FCA’s Alfa Romeo.

The designer – Olcay Tuncay Karabulut from Turkey – dubbed the vision the “Alfa AW30” and we can see the renders call for a sleeker design than the one employed today – which makes the vehicle even more appealing. This futuristic “AW30” is part of the “Alfa Romeo Grand Prix Engineering” team, and comes with a closed cockpit – a subject that is doing the discussion rounds these days in the motorsport world. The proposed model marks the comeback of Alfa Romeo to Formula One after the Italians abandoned the competition at the end of the 1985 season. It could happen soon, as Sergio Marchionne has often expressed his approval for a Ferrari-backed team that could lift Alfa’s image and thus bring more car sales.

The big executive at FCA believes Alfa may be able to deliver its own team since it’s capable of coming up with the engine and chassis. And with support from the experienced Ferrari team, Alfa may have what it takes – though we recommend starting slow with a GP2 team to hone its skills and then gradually go for the top guns. Getting such an iconic brand back in Formual One might attract more fans – but how about a disastrous season where the legendary Alfa logo sits at the back of the pack?