Digital artist interprets the 2017 Audi A3 in allroad quattro key

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Audi is known for keeping it simple and naming its all-wheel drive systems “quattro” – while the SUV models also have the same first letter in their designation.

And the “Q” range has recently benefited from the addition of the all-new Q2 model, meaning the automaker is now spanning across the entire spectrum of the crossover sector. But even more Qs will be coming in the near future, which is why people are also wondering about the other high-riding models – the allroads. So, we can imagine this Audi A3 allroad quattro to come to life someday – though perhaps it will not be during the current generation’s lifetime as this digital artist render suggests. Nevertheless, this is an interesting exercise, especially since it infuses some much needed personality to one of the smallest representatives of the passenger car range.

The Audi A3 allroad quattro is also a favorite subject of the rumor mill and the automaker just presented it with a fresh coat thanks to a timed facelift. So we have another digital artist render showing the possible A3 allroad quattro – jacked up suspension, roof rails and plastic body cladding. With the A3 now looking like a smaller version of the A4 it’s only natural this A3 allroad quattro also looks like a smaller version of the real A4 allroad quattro. Anyways, the A3 allroad quattro would have group company – we already have the Golf Alltrack, Octavia Scout or the Leon X-Perience.

Via RM Design