Digital artists have a go at possible upcoming Audi RS Q2

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The Ingolstadt-based automaker has just unveiled – after a long wait, we might add – their latest crossover, the baby Q2 during the ongoing Geneva Motor Show and already the independent artist community has decided to have a go at the performance version.

We just saw the Q2 in the “flesh” during the Swiss event so it’s still anyone’s guess if there’s going to be a top roster RS version. We would first rely on Audi to deliver the mild performance version – the SQ2 – but the rumor mill has already started spinning with rumors about the more juicy flagship RS version. The model should happen sometimes during the life cycle of the model – if the previous iterations across the range are any indication – most likely in time for a mid life cycle refresh and the RS model will have the 300-hp version of the turbocharged 2.0-liter, four-cylinder gasoline engine. Meanwhile, other reports are putting at the earliest during the latter part of next year. And we understand why the digital artists had a quick go at the Q2, Audi’s designers aren’t known for going off the beaten mark and chances are these renders are actually pretty accurate. By the way, if you’re looking to snatch the baby crossover when it hits the dealerships, the toughest model will be packing a 2.0-liter TFSI unit delivering 190 horsepower.

The gossip also concerns the SQ2 model that could be packing a biturbodiesel 2.0-liter engine sourced from the Passat where it pushes out 240 hp (176 kW) and 369 pound-feet (500 Newton meters) of torque. This latter rumor could be very close to reality since Audi holds the rights to the SQ2 moniker since the end of 2013.

Via Tobias Büttner, X-Tomi Design