Digital interpretation brings enticing take on BMW’s upcoming Z5

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While roadsters have not been doing so well in terms of sales these past few years, their iconic status still makes them highly valuable in terms of overall brand image for any respectable automaker.

And BMW needs a capable roadster to fend off the new Mercedes-Benz SLC – which is why the guys over at have decided to try their digital “hands” on imagining the preview of the forthcoming BMW Z5. We already know from the spy shots swirling around the web that BMW is diligently working on preparing the next iteration of the Z4 model – which is apparently going to make a comeback to the traditional soft roof. Both versions have their pros and cons but automakers are making a return to classic stances due to weight saving considerations. Additionally, the soft top is more practical as it brings additional storage capabilities compared to the regular metal roof.

The digital interpretation of the model that is rumored to bear the Z5 moniker has been based off the latest spied shots but we could be pretty far off as we saw the prototype being tested were still early in the development stage. The real model is going to appear in front of our eyes as early as next year – but we could also be looking at a 2018 release. While nothing is official yet, the Z5 could be larger than its predecessor and have traditional roadster cues: long hood, low driving position and short rear overhang. A Toyota version of the architecture is also in the cards, as a possible Supra successor.