Dominoes marketing gimmick, a Chevy Spark with an extra 10 thou in upgrades, cost passed on to the local franchise

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Dominoes delivers around 400,000,000 pizzas a year in the U.S., 2/3rds of it's business, unveiled the modified Chevrolet Spark yesterday.It will deliver 96 of the cars - which also include space to store two-liter soda bottles - to stores in Boston, Seattle, Detroit and San Diego and other cities over the next 90 days. The cars will cost Domino's franchises between $20,000 and $25,000 each, compared with $12,170 for a standard Spark. The vehicle also features a warming oven on the back seat - for up to four pizzas - to make sure the food is hot when it arrives at each customer's home. The oven door warns of 'hot contents inside' and the gas tank cap cautions 'Unleaded fuel only. No pizza sauce.' 3 years ago Domino’s ran a design contest looking for the “ultimate delivery vehicle.”designed to hold about 80 pizzas... yeah, when has a delivery vehicle ever had 80 pizzas in it? The occasional catering job? A gourmet food van?Thanks to Steve who let me know about it, details and photos from Dominoes website for the DXP  has the info on what cities will get one, you type in your zip code  and it tells you. In San Diego, the downtown Dominoes on 6th and Ash will get one, and the El Cajon (can you even read that without William Shatner's voice in your head?) Dominoes on Broadway and Mollison