Dongfeng’s Aeolus A9 flagship feels like a VW copycat but it’s actually based on the Citroen C5

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Dongfeng has recently introduced the Aeolus A9, a completely new model that will serve as the automaker’s range topping offering at home in China.

While China has a rich historical background it appears the mirage of Hollywood has also infected the automaker, which is basing its model’s name on the ruler of the winds in Greek mythology. The Aeolus A9 has a rather controversial design (looks to have been inspired by the VW Passat up front and the Audi A4 at the back) but actually makes use of the same architecture that underpins the Citroen C5. Additionally, both models use the same assembly line in Wuhan, China at the Dongfeng Peugeot Citroën assembly facility. Under the hood sits just one option: a turbocharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine manufactured locally via the joint venture between Dongfeng and PSA.

Aside from the uninspiring exterior design, the Aeolus A9 is the second sedan from Dongfeng to make use of a PSA platform following the Aeolus L6 compact car based off the Citroen C4, which has been presented around a year ago. The truck manufacturer Dongfeng started using the “Aeolus” moniker way back in 2009 when it switched to producing cars as well. The L6 and A9 are joined in the Aeolus lineup by the A60 and S30 compact sedans, the E30L electric vehicle and the AX7 crossover. Apparently Dongfeng hasn’t lost any time snatching the technology from PSA after acquiring a 14 percent stake in the French automaker that had difficulties at the time and was on the brink of collapse.