Dutch supercar maker Spyker coming back from the “grave” is an understatement

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Less than a year ago the brand from the Netherlands that likes to look up to the skies and planes for automotive inspiration seemed ready to close the gates for good, but during this year’s edition of the Geneva Motor Show they staged a welcomed comeback.

Last year was a turning point for the exotic manufacturer – it returned from bankruptcy without any government plan to back their credentials (take that GM and FCA) – it’s now free of debts and with just ten people working on its behalf it’s already building cars again. They now use the CPP Metalcraft in Coventry, United Kingdom, to manufacture the final five units of the C8 Aileron (eighteen have been produced so far) and there the new C8 Preliator will take shape in the near future. “We are making our comeback in Geneva. We have been through many difficult times but this time we had an exceptionally tough period. Therefore I’m very proud to be here again,” comments Victor Muller, the company chief executive.

Now the C8 Preliator is the third iteration of the C8 – and they used as a source of inspiration yet another aircraft: the GT4 aircraft from Volta Volare. “We need another six months to be able to take this car into production. The car here is made of aluminum, but for the production version, we go with carbon fiber. It’s lighter, stiffer and better,” adds the executive. The Preliator will be sold for 324,000 euros excluding taxes and next year the company wants to build around one car per week – so around 50 units in total – and the manager also tips an open top Spyder version to be coming soon.

Via motorsport.com