Elemental Rp1 is the boutique model you want when downforce is needed

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The Elemental Rp1 is just one name among the myriad of exotic sprts car makers trying to make a name for themselves – but during the Goodwood Festival of Speed this one has the chance to shine.

After more than two years since it was first introduced to the world, the Elemental Rp1 is finally heading to the crowd during the Goodwood FoS this weekend, complete with specific credentials. That’s because tests done by London Computing Solutions show the Rp1 in standard configuration comes with 882 lbs (400 kg) of downforce at 150 mph (241km/h). The Hampshire-based manufacturer claims this is the final version of the Rp1 before production commences and the aerodynamic body kit is powered by an EcoBoost engine. The downforce numbers are claimed to come from “the most advanced aerodynamics packages of any road-going track car.” Among the tweaks we can highlight the front diffuser on the car’s underside that directs air from the front outwards behind the front wheels. There’s also an entirely flat floor to further optimize the airflow.

The credentials have been confirmed by London Computing Solutions (LCS) and the tests were done – more impressively – with the standard road-going version. There’s also a carbon fiber tub and a 1.0- or 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine coming from Ford. The three-cylinder unit comes with 180 horsepower and since the track toy tips the scales at just 1,190-lbs the 60 mph sprint will be done in 3.2 seconds, with maximum speed sitting at 145 mph (233 km/h). The four-cylinder has no less than 320 hp and with a weight of just 1,278 lbs (580 kg) the time will go down to a hypercar-rivaling 2.8 seconds.