Elibriea is a Qatar introduced extraterrestrial vehicle with GM power

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Looking as if a UFO adopted an automotive form, the Elibriea has been officially introduced to the world this week during the Qatar Motor Show.

While it’s hard to imagine the actual assembly of the car, we have here a two-seater coupe concept which has been imagined by 27-year-old Abdul Wahab Ziaullah, which has under his credentials a former engineering student period at Texas A&M at Qatar (TAMUQ). We’re not willing to comment much on the design sideline – this is the classic love/hate scenario – and people will have trouble gazing at it due to the over the top styling used to depict the body. By the way, the latter appears to have been fashioned out of carbon fiber. This work is something that may put to shame even the exaggerated works of late coming from Lamborghini and under that UFO-like skin we know stands a carbon fiber monocoque, so at least the vehicle would be very light and fun to drive – it has a classic mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout.

Speaking of power, motivation comes courtesy of a naturally-aspirated unit coming from General Motors and massaged to produce 800 horsepower – the rear wheels will get it thanks to a six-speed sequential gearbox. No performance details have been advanced – we reckon even the creator has no idea – though if it would become a reality it would fall in the fast category thanks to the low weight, high power, setup. We’re not taking this new automaker for granted even though it says pre-orders will kick off this March and first deliveries should be expected around December.