Europe: ACEA says regional auto deliveries soared 9.8 percent in September

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Increased demand for new cars has benefited the automotive industry across Europe last month, according to industry figures released Friday, marking the 25th straight month of gains across the European Union. Almost all manufacturers were positive about their numbers for September, as demand increased due to subsidy schemes to scrap older, polluting cars or the continued economic recovery has increased consumer confidence, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA). The group said overall deliveries grew 9.8 percent compared to the same period last year and the EU and EFTA countries saw a tally of 1.39 million autos. In Britain, for example, where the system puts in September a half year change of the registration plate numbers indicating how old a car is the tally was up 8.6 percent to 462,517 autos. Germany, the largest auto market on the continent, took home the smallest percentage gain among major players, soaring 4.8 percent and the small nations Estonia and Luxembourg were the only two EU countries with a negative performance. In Spain, meanwhile, where the government continues to have in place an incentive program designed to assist consumers looking to replace older, polluting cars, has seen the market jump 22.5 percent to 69,826 cars – with Italy following close with a jump of 17.2 percent at 130,071 units. Meanwhile, among automakers, Mitsubishi – benefitting from a renewed model lineup across its SUV and truck models – has turned the largest percentage gain for the year, at 32.9 percent. Via Reuters