Europe: Ford announces changes at its Romanian branch top management

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John Oldham has been appointed new Charmain of Ford’s Romanian unit and General Manager at Ford’s plant in Craiova as well.

Ford has announced some important changes at the top of its Romanian operations. Therefore, John Oldham has taken over the General Manager position at the company’s plant in Craiova, becoming also the Chairman of Ford’s unit in the country. He has replaced Jan Gijsen, who was in charge of the branch over the last five years. Under Gijsen’s watch, who has now moved to the Ford Europe management team, Ford started the production of the B-MAX small MPV and of the 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine at its Craiova facility. The newly appointed Chairman has a 35-year vast experience within Ford Europe, being involved in the automaker’s Romanian operations since 2013, supervising the engine unit. At the same time, the division that oversees national sales and dealership services also has a new head, as Attila Szabo has been named General Manager. The automaker has a network of 37 dealers around the country, out of which two are concept-dealerships.

Ford bought the plant in Craiova eight years ago, investing around 1 billion dollars in the site so far. The engine production has started back in 2012 with the award winning EcoBoost 1.0-litre engine. The plant is also building the EcoBoost 1.5-litre unit since April 2013. Last month, a new milestone was reached, as the smallest EcoBoost output reached 1 million units built at the Craiova and Koln facilities. The Romanian production line accounted for almost a half of the 1.0-litre engine manufactured in Europe. In 2012, it has also begun the production of the B-MAX small MPV, for which Ford reported 45,500 sales throughout Europe last year.