Europe: Tesla’s Model S electric limo trumps BMW and Audi in their own backyard

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According to figures compiled by pan-European newsletter Automotive Industry Data (AID), Tesla’s battery-operated Model S luxury sedan has managed to sell better than some of the traditional players in the segment. Conventionally powered market leaders such as the BMW 7 Series or the Audi A8 have been left behind by the American-born all electric limousine, with the Model S now vying for the top place and breathing in the neck of the long-running market leader, the Mercedes-Benz S Class. According to AID, after the first nine months of the year, Tesla Model S deliveries across western Europe totaled 10,600 units – ahead of the generation changing BMW 7 Series by 2,650 units and the soon to be replaced Audi A8 by 4,700 autos. And the Model S is now just 800 vehicles shy of the long running leader Mercedes Benz S Class, while during the same period last year the gap was of 6,200 units. Tesla has been making its presence felt initially in countries such as energy-rich Norway, which has decided to tax internal combustion engine cars almost 100 percent while electrics pay no dues. But now the sales have also grown across the region with more than 1,000 units sold in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany and between 500 and 850 autos in big markets such as Britain, France, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark. And some of them, such as Germany or Switzerland, don’t even incentivize electric cars. “Given the rise and rise of Tesla sales in these and other European markets, there are high expectations for Tesla’s forthcoming all-new Model X SUV, albeit some sales will no doubt come at the expense of its conventionally dressed Model S brother,” comments AID editor Peter Schmidt. Via Forbes