Europe: Toyota’s Mirai to focus on Germany, United Kingdom

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Toyota’s advanced fuel cell sedan – the Mirai – would initially target the strongest European markets – Germany and the UK – as both countries are moving to invest into the necessary hydrogen refueling infrastructure. According to Toyota executives, both markets would get the bulk – around 90 percent – of the deliveries for the midsize sedan for the continent. The company introduced its first mass-production fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai, at home in Japan last year and now the automakers plans to deliver around 50 to 100 autos in Europe during 2016 and 2017. The Mirai’s price target for Europe starts at 66,000 euros without local taxes but the Japanese company would initially only target leases. “Mirai customers will not have to worry about the resale value or maintenance of their car because everything will be included in the monthly lease rate,” commented Yoshikazu Tanaka, chief engineer for the Mirai, when the model was launched for Europe. Leasing a Mirai fuel cell vehicle would require no down payment and last for four years, costing 1,200 euros a month in Germany and from 600 pounds to 700 pounds in the UK. Denmark, a country with a good hydrogen refueling network, would represent the third target for the fuel cell vehicle. The Danish market would get the sedan leased at 1,050 euros a month. The Mirai, with a 550 km range under the European fuel consumption test cycle, would make use of the 50 stations planned by year-end in Germany, which strives to reach 400 by 2023 or the 15 available in the UK and expanding to 65 by 2020. Via Automotive News Europe