Europe: VW dieselgate triggers EU fight over emissions tests

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The European Union’s industrial-policy head will have to fight with European Union government interests over new vehicle pollution this week as the political stakes have been on the rise after VW’s admitted cheating scandal. Elzbieta Bienkowska, the European commissioner for industrial policy, aims to introduce more strict regulations than those enforced by many EU members in a drive towards a tougher pollution strategy that would include less leeway for automakers during emissions test, according to a couple of sources that have knowledge of the matter and talked to Bloomberg. The upcoming testing procedures, set to be introduced in September 2017, would also interpret the emissions under real driving conditions as opposed to easier to rig laboratory tests. The region faces mounting challenges to balance the power disparity between automakers and consumers just a month after Germany’s Volkswagen AG, the largest automaker in the region, said it had used a so-called defeat device to dupe us regulators on diesel emission tests and the illegal software was actually fitted in up to 11 million autos all over the world. “The ball is now in member states’ court,” comments Lucia Caudet, a spokeswoman for the European Commission, the 28-nation EU’s executive arm in Brussels. “The commission’s approach is ambitious and realistic.” With German authorities ordering a recall of VW cars that has spread across the region to encompass 8.5 million autos, Bienkowska is taking all the clashing forces in an obscure European rule-making forum dubbed as the Technical Committee for Motor Vehicles, or TCMV. Via Bloomberg