EVs need to drastically improve, Audi exec says

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Electric cars are not quite attractive for buyers as they should be and they must improve to gain popularity, Audi’s electric mobility chief believes.

Electric cars are still far away from the ideal perception of what they should represent for the automotive industry. Customers are still skeptical about this alternative technology and the lack of infrastructure is also not helping at all when it comes to pushing forward the green trend. Automakers have taken important steps in recent years in this direction, but the development speed is still at a very slow pace. “These cars are slower than those with conventional drive and they have a much lower range – and in compensation they are more expensive,” said Stefan Niemand, Director Battery Electric Vehicles at Audi, during a recent meeting of Germany’s auto industry organization, cited by EETimes Europe Automotive.

And, of course, there is the infrastructure problem which needs to rapidly advance in order to make customers even considering buying electric cars. “We need awesome cars and a seamless infrastructure,” he said, as it is necessary to build a DC charging network with an electric power of 350 kW. However, there is one carmaker which made some efforts to supports its electric lineup and Niemand praised its commitment. “I hate to admit it, but Tesla did everything right”, the exec added.

Audi is already paving the way for the 2018 launch of the brand’s all-electric 480 km range crossover and it promised that, by the time the production model based on the concept presented at Frankfurt Auto Show was coming out on the market, it would have a better infrastructure in place.

Via EETimes Europe Automotive