Ex-Apple engineers develop wireless easy-to-install rear-view camera

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Three former Apples employees decided to go their own way by launching a tech company that has just presented its first ever product.

After they worked for Apple for a decade creating “more than 15 generations of iPods and iPhones,” three engineers have decided to leave the “Giant” behind them and start their own company called Pearl, focused on “bringing the latest technologies to every vehicle on the road today.” In fact, 50 out of Pearl’s 70 employees used to work at Apple. And they have just launched their first gadget, a weatherproof rear-view camera and alert system. It is an easy-to-install wireless system that replaces the car’s license plate frame, integrating two high-definition cameras and a built-in solar panel to provide the power.

Dubbed “RearVision”, it comes with a Car Adapter that can easily by plugged into the car’s on-board diagnostics port, wirelessly pairing the Camera Frame to the Pearl App on the phone. The package also includes a magnetic mount for the smartphone, which can be fitted to the vents or on the dashboard. Once you are backing up the car, live video streams are being sent to the smartphone, while RearVision detects obstacles, providing audible alerts and sending visual alerts to the phone. Pearl’s first gadget can now be pre-orderd for 499 dollars in the United States, with shipping starting in September.

Via Motor1