Fantasy Garage

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An authentic car-lover’s garage can come in many shapes and forms, ranging from the orderly chaos that gives Venisio’s garage its unique beauty and charm to the functional precision and efficiency of Jack Olsen’s 12-Gauge Garage, but in all cases garages reflect the owners’ character and their approach to creating the ideal workspace and home for their beloved machines. Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on February 8, 2013, every weekend we'll be diving into our archives to bring you some of the gold you might have missed from our early days. Today we bring you a garage in Montecito, California, which displays no traces of any car enthusiast’s character and serves only as a space to showcase a handful of automobiles, but what a stunning showcase it is!  The space demands a certain caliber of machine to be worthy of being sheltered in this shrine.  On the day I visited the garage, four very special Alfa Romeos proudly occupied the space: a Giulietta SZ, a Giulia TZ, a Duetto, and the extremely rare, lust-worthy Tipo 33 Stradale. Which four cars would fill the garage if this house were yours? [g1]