Faraday Future to build $1 billion electric-car company

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The California-based company that keeps us guessing announced yesterday that it will invest $ 1 billion in a plant in the U.S. set to produce electric cars in two years’ time.   The company has not decided on the site of the factory yet, but it is taking into account places in California, Georgia, Louisiana and Nevada, which replaced Texas since last time the company made a public statement on the topic. Faraday Future (FF) announced that the precise site will be revealed within the upcoming weeks, while adding that it intends to produce a long-range of electric cars by 2017. How do you feel about that, Tesla? FF has not given more information about its future vehicles though. It claims to produce in the close future the highest-capacity battery pack in a production car, which means more than the 90-kilowatt-hour pack that Tesla offers for its Model S and Model X cars. While founded back in 2009, Faraday remains a mysterious company, without revealing its CEO’s name up to this point. However, the company did give information on its current employees, who have previously worked for automakers like BMW, Ferrari, General Motors, Lamborghini, Land Rover and SpaceX. We also do know that Nick Sampson is Faraday’s senior vice president and his former job roles involve being a director of vehicle and chasing engineering for Tesla and list Lotus as a previous employer. Despite its high goals, it is not easy for FF to be a strong competitor for Tesla as dozens of automotive startups have tried to tackle with the electric carmaker and failed to gain success. Producing an electric lineup of cars by 2017 is quite a challenge, and while the company seems set to do that, it has stated that it also wants to explore “other aspects of the automotive and technology industries” which include “unique ownership and usage models, in-vehicle content, and autonomous driving.”