Fatal crash in Indonesia involves Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale

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We’re used to delivering lots of car crashes involving supercars and brand new (and usually utterly expensive) models form all around the world, but this time around we would have optioned out of this one if we could. That’s because the following car accident that happened in Indonesia also involves a fatality, besides a former supercar – the Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale. Things are not glamorous anymore for the young driver in Indonesia, after the 24-year old hit pedestrians, leaving several injured and one dead. Unfortunately, the driver of the exotic supercar was – according to reports – engaged in a high speed race with a Ferrari when he lost control of his ride and as he veered off the road it impacted the unsuspecting pedestrians. According to local media reports, the man, named Wiyan Lautner, was not under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. The local authorities were still trying to gather the data to find the speed of the car at the time of the crash and apparently want to involve a Lamborghini mechanic to assist the investigation. Meanwhile, the special series Lambo Gallardo has severe issues at the front and also damage to the right side – the limited model was only manufactured in 150 units and each is 70kg (154lbs) lighter than the standard issue and packs the Superleggera-born V10 with 570 PS. And one last reminder to those out there owning supercars – if you have the money you don’t necessarily have the brains or skills to tame it, so make a mature and sensible decision, go to a supercar driving school for tips. You might end up saving lives.