Ferrari 360 Spider spontaneous combustion in Las Vegas

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Another supercar has been destroyed in a “spontaneous combustion” incident recently, as the newest victim is a Ferrari 360 Spider. Driving this glamorous supercar with his friend on the passenger seat has turned from a dream to a nightmare for this supercar owner who has noticed smoke coming from its engine. The two of them have been going home from Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada, when the smoke appeared from the engine compartment. The driver has pulled over quickly and the two have gotten out just in time, as flames have engulfed it. The owner was helpless and judging by his reaction, chances are insurance will not be covering the incident and Ferrari will be keeping quiet about it. The Ferrari 360 is the predecessor of the F430. This has been in production between 1999 and 2005, in Maranello, Italy, and it was designed by Pininfarina. The supercar has a rear mid-engine and rear-wheel drive layout and it is coming in two body styles, coupe and roadster, standing in at 4,477 mm long, 1,922 mm wide and 1,214 mm tall. The curb weight is 1,290 kg in the Modena and 1,350 kg in the Spider and the same 3.6 liter V8 engine is being shared between the two. This is capable of putting down a total of 400 HP (300 kW) and 373 Nm (275 lb-ft) of torque. The 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) takes just a little over 4 seconds in the Modena and Spider and top speed stands at 304 km/h (189 mph). Via WreckedExotics