Five Fundamentals of Successful Racing

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I love watching a driver who's driving with confidence. The difference between one with confidence, and one without, is obvious - you see it in the passing maneuvers, the way a corner is attacked, and even by the way the driver holds his head in the cockpit. In the past few years, we've seen demonstrations of confidence in F1 by Schumacher, then Vettel, and now Hamilton. In NASCAR, Kyle Busch shows it (and sometimes too much). In Indy cars, this year, Graham Rahal is the one who has been dragging his car around the track with his confidence. So I reached out to someone who knows Rahal well. Mike Zimicki is well-qualified to comment on what's made Rahal faster and win more races this year than in the past. Why? Well, because Mike coached Graham for a number of years, and helped make him what he is today.