Ford brings new improvements to its SYNC system

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Through the new SYNC Connect technology, you will be able to start remotely the engine, or check the fuel level, along with the tires pressure of your car. Ford is improving its well-known SYNC infotainment and connectivity system by adding more functions that will allow owners to have remote access to their car features via a smartphone application. The new system, called SYNC Connect will be first fitted into a Ford next year, in spring, when the new Escape will make its debut, with other models to follow. The application is connected to a built-in modem in the vehicle and the owners will be able to lock and unlock remotely their car, to start the engine or scheduling a future start, to check vehicle status, including fuel, oil and battery levels, along with tire pressure readings or it can find the car’s location so you will not have to remember where you let it in that huge parking area at the mall. Owners enable SYNC Connect through a two-step authentication process to protect personal information, confirming setup on the vehicle touch screen and on the mobile application. The company says SYNC Connect plays a key role in Ford Smart Mobility and for its plan to deliver the next level of connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience and big data. “New SYNC Connect provides convenience to Ford owners through an easy-to-use app,” said Don Butler, executive director, Ford Connected Vehicle and Services. “The technology helps you seamlessly integrate your vehicle into your lifestyle. Get locked out? Cold outside? Forget where you parked? No problem. Just use your smartphone.”