Ford Focus high sales in the UK prompt new 1000-unit allocation

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It appears the British motorists are deeply satisfied with the hot hatch of the moment – the 350-hp AWD Ford Focus RS – so the company has decided to bring a new allotment to make sure the requests get fulfilled.

Keeping your fans is rather hard when you’ve made a successful model, so Ford must be carefully juggling these days with the allocations for the highly-anticipated Ford Focus RS. We’re easily understanding why so many fans in the United Kingdom are queuing to snatch the latest – and greatest –iteration of the Focus RS. Built in Germany and sold worldwide, the high-performance hatchback has 350 horsepower, an intelligent all wheel drive system and a six-speed manual transmission for a purist-enticing package. Ford – a loved brand on its own in the UK – initially decided 4,000 units were good enough for the country, but since they all sold out in a jiffy, they are now mulling the allotment of another 1,000 cars to satisfy demand.

The main issue is the plant in Saarlouis is already running at full capacity, Ford can’t just ramp up the production of the RS to make sure UK buyers are happy. So, they need to bring down the allocation numbers in other countries – though Ford said it won’t have any impact on customers from other countries, because they will most likely simply postpone the introduction a bit until the factory can come up with the needed units. Meanwhile, while UK buyers can still order the Focus RS, the waiting list goes anywhere between eight and 14 months, depending on the region and dealer, most likely.