Ford is on track in selling 1 million EcoBoost engines in the US in 2015

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When Ford developed the EcoBoost engines, it had high hopes for this technology. And now, the figures are telling the story of its success. About a decade ago, the automakers didn’t have to bother that much with the emissions limits. But the moment these limits, imposed by the regulators all over the world, were becoming increasingly difficult to achieve, the companies had to develop new technologies to cope with the demanding restrictions. And thus came the downsizing. Ford responded quickly in 2009 and so the EcoBoost era begun. Now, in 2015, Ford is on a pace to sell more than 1 million engines in the US for the first time. EcoBoost is not Ford’s only answer for fuel efficiency, but it is the right one for the company, and the proof is the expanding family of this type of engines. However, Ford is currently second after Toyota in sales of hybrid vehicles in the US, but the figures are not that impressive. Just over 56,000 units were sold last month, all the electrified models amounted. This year, the EcoBoost engine is available on every non-hybrid light-duty passenger vehicle in Ford’s US line-up, so the automaker sold nearly 820,000 EcoBoosts so far, marking 46 percent more compared with last year sales. The technology is available for almost all platforms, from the Ford Fiesta to F-150 pickup or Mustang. In 2015, Ford has sold 210,239 F-150 trucks powered by the EcoBoost engine, accounting for 64% of all sales, and 39,420 Mustangs with EcoBoost. Ford believes strongly in this technology and is investing accordingly, not just in the US but also globally.