Ford Ka+ rendered in mild-hardcore ST form

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The Blue Oval company has just presented its newest base model for Europe, the five-door turned Ka+ – and now everyone is gearing up for the inevitable flurry of versions.

For example, renders have already worked out how the Ka+ in RS form should look like – but we dismissed those as flights of the imagination immediately. Why, you might ask? Because Ford has been clear it won’t be doing a Fiesta RS even after the overwhelmingly positive fan and customer base reaction. So, if they’re not doing the larger model, which has the chance to bring in more profits, why would anyone think there’s a business case for the smaller model? So, onwards to these nice renderings of the mild hot hatch ST version. Well, these have a much bigger chance of turning into a real model – even if the design depicted here won’t be the exact recipe cooked by the Ford designers.

The design of the Ka+ is already well known and established – since the car is already available in Brazil – and the ST version might bring even more fun on the cheap to a model that has already grown in size from 3,620mm to a segment-breaking 3,930mm. If the ST ever comes to life, there’s plenty of reasons to believe it will use the company’s one-liter EcoBoost engine. Yes, the award winning three-cylinder, which in its top form develops no less than 140 hp. The renders have been done professionally, as always, with numerous elements from the Fiesta – the exhaust to one side, 5-spoke wheels and black honeycomb grille.

Via Theophilus Chin