Ford will spend $9 billion on its factories

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The tentative agreement between Ford Motors and the UAW shows a commitment worth $9 billion from Ford to its U.S. plants that will also create or keep 8,500 jobs over the following four years due to new cars, engines and transmissions scheduled. The contract reveals all the Ford factories and the investment distributed to each one of them, as well as the car models or parts planned to be produced there. The biggest investment goes to Livonia Transmission that will get $1.8 billion to continue current transmissions, start gear machining and produce three more transmissions. The Chicago Assembly plant gets an investment worth $900 million in order to produce the new Ford Explorer and Police SUV Interceptor. This Ford factory will continue making the Taurus model and will get a new car to manufacture, which is expected to be the Lincoln MKC. Sharonville Transmission will also get the same amount of money to make current transmissions and gear machining. The Michighan Assembly will get $700 million with a new car model to be manufactured in 2018, which is expected to be the Ford Ranger, followed by the revived Ford Bronco SUV in 2020. This plant will offer support for the Ford Focus and C-Max cars until they will be relocated in three years time. The same amount of cash is going to be invested into the Louisville Assembly in order to produce the all-new 2017 Escape. Van Dyke is getting $650 million to make three new transmissions while going on with its current transmission. Kentuck Truck is going to have $600 million to create the next-gen Super Duty pickup, while Flat Rock Assembly will receive $400 to continue producing the Ford Mustang but also add the new Lincoln Continental full-size sedan. Sterling Axle will get the same investment to create new axles for the Ford Explorer, Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. The list of factories and their investments goes on as Dearborn Truck, Ohio Assembly and Lima Engine will each get $250 million. Kansas City Assembly and Chicago Stamping come in close with $200 million investments each.