Galpin Ford had one cool car show today, probably the most impressive dealership car show you'll ever see

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You've never seen or heard of a car show that put this much effort into keeping kids entertained. I shit you not... games, carts, rock climbing, painting a truckI'm not sure what the food situation was, but it smelled delicious, and every table had a copy of this magazine to peruse while you ateCity of Angels lowrider was very coollace painted Edsel, even the front speaker grillwow, those tail lights are very distinct. I can tell you for sure I've never seen them in my life on a roadtiny little SubaruNice Polara station wagonso is it any wonder that Galpin has won these impressive awards? No.I've never seen such huge awards in a dealershipand this is probably a small sample of the awards, congratulations, and thanks that they've recievedand this is the restaurant at the dealership, a door right off the main showroom floor. That is incredible