Geely plans to “electrify” its line-up by 2020

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In order to meet Chinese government’s fuel consumption caps for automakers and bring new “green” technologies to its models, Geely plans to equip more than 90 percent of its cars with alternative-energy powertrains. Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd wants to be in trend and to also keep up with the automotive industry path to electrification. Therefore, the Chinese automaker has announced its intention to bring alternative-energy powertrains to more than 90 percent of its models in a five-year time. It is not only the desire to update its technologies and to meet future demands of the market, but this drive is due mainly to the Chinese government deadline for the carmakers to lower average fuel consumption across their models from 6.9 litres per 100 kilometres this year to no more than 5 litres/100 km by 2020. Geely said that almost two-thirds of its new alternative energy cars will feature a conventional hybrid powertrain, with gasoline-electric motors layout, by 2020. Some models will be plug-in hybrids, while the rest of the “green” line-up will be completed by battery-electric models. The Chinese government has intensified its efforts to promote alternative powertrains and to support the development of electric vehicles as part of a wider plan to reduce pollution levels and dependency on imported oil. The pollution in the country is at alarming levels, dozens of times higher than the safe limits, and for now the sales of electric cars are well behind government targets despite financial help granted to automakers and consumers as well. “China continues to prioritize and push battery EVs,” said Steve Man, a Hong Kong-based auto analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence. “Yet, hybrid electric cars are probably the best option to get to the 2020 fuel economy standards.” Via Bloomberg