Geneva Motor Show LIVE: Citroen E-Mehari & E-Mehari by Courrèges

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The Geneva Motor Show marked the official public reintroduction of the Mehari nameplate, with Citroen introducing both the regular version and the more conceptual variant by Courrèges.

We’re unsure if the Mehari of the XXI century will have the same popularity of the one that become a cultural icon throughout Europe and especially in France. For starters, the society doesn’t fit the tailored credentials of the old Mehari anymore but more importantly the electric powertrain has failed to gain wide praise – let alone save the planet as a few decades was envisioned. Anyways, the “Méhari” moniker has been revived by the Citroen brand based off the Bolloré Bluesummer convertible. And to make things more interesting, the Swiss show also brought a unique collaboration with fashion house Courrèges in the form of a white conceptual version of the model.

The main white theme of the body is only interrupted by dash of bright orange here and there – the rear hoop has also been replaced with two side straps to free up some space and a rear flap conceals white leather luggage with bright orange vinyl trim. The E-MEHARI by Courrèges has a Plexiglas roof with a frosted finish and the interior is wrapped – of course – in white leather upholstery. The single-spoke, monochromatic steering wheel, leather-lined floor with white mats, and several orange accents complete the funky interior looks. Both the E-MEHARI by Courrèges and the standard model are powered by an exclusive 67-hp electric motor linked to a 30-kWh battery. The four-seater cabriolet can be driven for up to 124 miles (200 kilometers) and will top out at 68 mph (110 km/h) – the full battery charge is achieved in 13 hours from a 10A socket and eight hours when using a 16A socket.