Geneva Motor Show LIVE: Ford Vignale Line

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Ford has expanded its upscale Ford Vignale Line, for the premium range to have now four models and some exclusive services for its customers.

Ford brought to the Geneva Auto Show the upscale Vignale versions of the new Edge, S-Max, and the five-door Mondeo, but it also showcased the Kuga Vignale Concept. “Our customers have high aspirations, and they want more from Ford. On some vehicles, our top-of-the-line Titanium specifications make up 70 per cent of all sales,” said Jim Farley, Chairman and CEO of Ford of Europe. “With Ford Vignale, we can offer them the absolute best of Ford in terms of luxury and personal service. That’s why we are expanding from Ford Mondeo Vignale to our flagship products Edge and S-MAX, with Kuga to come soon after.”

Ford is displaying the Ford S-MAX Vignale at Geneva in the exclusive pearlescent-metallic Vignale Milano Grigio exterior colour and in Vignale White Platinum, while the Edge Vignale is shown in a rich metallic brown Vignale Ametista Scura colour, and also in Vignale White Platinum. Both models deliver the signature Ford Vignale hexagonal upper grille design with a dark matte finish and polished aluminium surround. Other custom details include the Ford Edge Vignale’s bespoke chrome-finish foglamps, the aluminium, Vignale-embossed wrap-around applique of the Ford S-MAX Vignale’s rear liftgate and 19-inch polished aluminium wheels for both models.

The upscale character of the interiors is heightened by the hexagonal-quilted Windsor leather featuring prominent tuxedo-style stitching for the seats and door interiors, offered in light Cashmere or dark Ebony colours. Ebony leather extends to the central armrest and storage console, and to the instrument panel, which features a woven aluminium applique on the passenger side. The new Ford Vignale Mondeo model in five-door bodystyle is also presented for the first time, following the four-door and wagon models that launched last year. And finally, the Ford Kuga Vignale Concept offers an insight into the future of Ford upscale SUVs in Europe, using as a starting point the mid-size SUV that is making its European motor show debut in Geneva.