Geneva Motor Show LIVE: Nissan IDS Concept

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Featured in a world premiere during the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, the IDS Concept is making the rounds across the showroom floors all around the world and now its Geneva’s turn.

We’re actually very interested on what the IDS concept has to offer because the prototype is most definitely a preview of things to come for the second generation Leaf. If you remember, we’re talking about the world’s best selling electric vehicle. The IDS concept is an all electric vehicle with an advanced full carbon fiber body and a dynamic stance thanks to the low roof height of just 1,380 mm. The positioning of the wheels at the extremes ensures a massive wheelbase and the interior has room for four occupants. The wheels are themselves something special: they have a layered design and are clad in thin 175 tires in order to minimize air and roll resistance.

We’re not going to comment again on the aggressive design, except noting the second generation Leaf will have little to no connection to the IDS in terms of styling. Additionally, we’re pretty unsure of the two cabin configurations called Manual Drive or Piloted Drive. The first is obvious – it’s the standard affair when the driver is in control. The second is talking about the things to come: the steering wheel disappears into the instrument panel’s center and a large screen comes out while the seats swivel a little to make people more comfy. More importantly, the IDS is powered by a massive 60 kWh battery which should deliver a very long range – and hopefully this one will transition to the production series Leaf in the not so distant future.