Geneva Motor Show LIVE: Pagani Huayra BC

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The Italian exotic brand electrifies the atmosphere within the Geneva Auto Show by displaying its stunning 789 HP Huayra hyper-car.

With so many exciting supercars at Geneva, Pagani is surely standing out from the crowd with its latest insane creation, the hardcore Huayra BC. The “BC” tag represents the initials of Benny Caiola, a person who has inspired Horacio Pagani over the years, making history as the first customer to buy a Pagani model. Developed primarily as a road going car that will definitely raise the drivers’ pulse during track days and special events, the Huayra BC has been inspired by its “track focused” predecessors, the Pagani Zonda R and the Zonda Cinque. The Huayra BC is powered by a V12 Bi-Turbo engine build by Mercedes AMG exclusively for Paga¬ni, a monster-unit which unleashes 789 horsepower and offers 811 lb-ft (1,098 Nm) of torque.

For a more intense sound to complement the powerplant, the sports exhaust includes a low back pressure muffler and is substantially lighter compared to the system used on the Huayra coupe, due to the use of unique materials such as titanium. The 6.0-litre unit is matted to a 7-speed Automated Manual Transmission developed from scratch and features a new electro-hydraulic actuation system and new carbon fibre synchronizers, designed to increase the precision of gear engagement and further reduce gearshift times. To complete enhancements to the transmission package, there are all new tripod axle drive shafts, derived from the world of Le Mans racing.

Even if Pagani has not revealed how fast the hyper-car can reach to 100 km/h, at a weight of only 2,685 lbs (1,218 kg), the Huayra BC is expected not to overpass the 3.0 seconds limit. It has been built in a 20 units limited edition, with a price tag worthy of its performances: $2.55 million (€2.3million).