GM powertrain chief wants global emissions standards

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Dan Nicholson, General Motors’ powertrain chief, says that it would be in the benefit of the global automotive industry for emission limits to be standardized. Following Volkswagen’s “dieselgate files”, the General Motors’ powertrain boss plans to advocate for globalization of emissions standards, at least between the US and European Union, intending to use for this purpose his forthcoming presidency of the automotive engineers’ society. “I’m not sure any of the European regulators are happy with the status quo,” he said recently on the sidelines of the Fisita summit. An important benefit for a global standardization would be saving hundreds of millions of dollars” a year across the industry, as the cars would not have to pass the same tests twice. Dan Nicholson also said the differences between upcoming European Union limit emissions standards and those set by the Environmental Protection Agency in the U.S are small in terms of actual emissions, and such harmonization is not difficult to put into practice. “We want all our engineering resources focused on improving air quality and reducing CO2. With different sets of rules, we have to put our engineering resources into nuanced regulatory differences rather than working on the root problem,” he added. There are also differences that should be addressed between the EPA and the California Air Resources Board, but the two agencies were now showing “unprecedented co-operation”. This is also a very important moment that cannot be missed as China is reconsidering its own emissions standards. “With China in discussions right now, we are at a key pivot point. I’m concerned that if we miss our opportunities now, they won’t come again for a long time,” said Dan Nicholson. Via Automotive News Europe