GM workers vote for U.S. labor contract

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The United Auto Workers members voted in majority for the new four-year contract with General Motors Co., but the decision has not been ratifed as skilled trades worked voted against it according to the U.S. union. The union announced that due to UAW’s constitution, skilled trades workers can reject different parts of the national contract. Around 55.4% of General MotorsUAW workers decided to vote pro the contract, with production workers approving in numbers of 58% but skilled workers, who represent a smaller percent of the group, voted 59.5% for rejecting GM’s contract. A union statement announced that in the following days UAW leaders will meet with the skilled trades workers to find out why they decided to reject the deal. Following that, the UAW’s executive board will organize a meeting to discuss the upcoming measures. According to UAW, any changes made to the national contract would only affect the skilled trades workers. UAW stated that “The results of this process cannot change aspects of the agreement which are common to all members.” On Friday, Ford Motor Co. and the union announced that a tentative agreement was reached by Ford’s 52,700 UAW members from Ford. The pact will get sent to a ratification vote in the following week at the soonest. GM also has 52,700 UAW members, which might lead to a similar conclusive situation if the UAW leaders get a grasp of the skilled trades workers’ decision against the new four-year contract from GM. Last month, the 40,000 UAW workers at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles managed to ratify their new four-year contract, which has become effective ever since.