Google wants more partnerships for its self-driving car division

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Alphabet Inc’s Google looks at entering into more partnerships with a lot of automakers and suppliers this year, to speed up the development of its autonomous technologies.

Google’s self-driving unit hopes to accelerate the development of self-driving cars this year by forming more alliances with some major automakers. The announcement has been made by the head of the Google project at a media conference at Detroit on the North American International Auto Show. Even if the newly Chief Executive Officer John Krafcik did not mention any automaker by name, he said “we hope to work with many of you guys.” The internet company giant has previously pointed out its ultimate goal is not to produce cars, but to develop and offer the software that would help the upcoming self-driving vehicles to handle busy traffic. Almost every automaker “has been in to speak with us, if only to understand where we are,” Krafcik said. “I don’t know how many we’ll end up having.” “No one goes this alone,” he added. “We are going to be partnering more and more and more.”

It is hard to predict which partner Google will choose, or how many of them, to further develop its autonomous technologies. From the major carmakers, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and General Motors have said they are talking to Google to join efforts for the common self-driving cars goal. Some recent reports have also revealed that Ford Motor is in some advanced discussions on the subject with the internet company and the talks between the two sides have been going on for some time.