Google will impose the autonomous cars’ trend in the coming years

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According to a new report released by IHS Automotive, Google’s know-how in the automotive related technologies will make the company the leader of self-driving technologies. Every major automaker is putting a lot of effort into the development of autonomous driving, but it is one company, that it not even builds cars, that will have a major involvement in the near future in the self-driving technologies. “Google leads the revolutionary approach and will have a major impact in the coming years,” says a new report recently released by IHS Automotive. It also says that Google is advancing so fast in developing self-driving technologies that it is forcing the automakers to rapidly increase their efforts in this direction and the Toyota’s announcement of the 1-billion-dollar investment in artificial intelligence is a proof of that fact. The report says “no other company has as much relevant technology to advance autonomous driving software,” according to Egil Juliussen, senior research director at IHS Automotive and the author of the report. IHS Automotive estimates that Google has invested almost 60 million dollars so far in autonomous vehicle research and development. One major advantage that Google has over the automakers is its ability to progress at a higher rate as it can always learn from other connecting projects like artificial intelligence, drones, network development, technologies that can easily be applied to the automotive industry. Google is currently developing “software and maps that can be the basis for driverless vehicles in five years or so”, says IHS and estimates that the self-driving car-as-a-service will be introduced in ten years. Car-as-a-service will be the future of urban transportation, according to the report, and with Google’s competence to provide the technology infrastructure, it will make the company a leading one in the field. Via Forbes