Great looking Tesla Model S Wagon is only a render…unfortunately

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The youngest publicly traded US automaker – the well known Tesla Motors – has its production lines full of the Model S sedans and Model X crossovers it needs to deliver to meet its sales goal. And that means the company is not going to present any other model in the near future other than the already announced Model 3 – which rumors have it declined in more than one version. But stretching here our imagination a bit we came across a beautiful render of a Model S Wagon – which appeared from the idea that some families might find even the large Model S a little crammed for their needs. Ok, we give it to Tesla – the Model X crossover will most likely attract all those that felt the Model S was great, but their EV family needs were a little above. And wagons are not exactly the most popular segment today in the US or as a matter of fact almost anywhere in the world. We still dig in the solution found by the digital artist’s reproduction – Rain Prisk Designs – with the finished work also looking as if it would be ready to get out the Freemont, California factory’s gates any minute now. And since wagons are usually the panache of families with at least one small kid, the render also took care of the issue that even the standard trunk of a wagon would not suffice by adding the traditional roof box. By the way, the digital artist’s rendering also took care of the practical issue faced by Model S owners today – the trunk-placed, rear-facing seats, have become feasible for adult use (in case you didn’t know the Model S has a pair of them but they’re only suitable for children). Via Rain Prisk Designs