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"In this life, people will call you many things--based on their opinion and your actions. But, only God has naming… https://t.co/1OtYbU5zcC
27th November, 2017
Lennie James on @FearTWD ? Awesome! Hopefully this will also lead to another @WalkingDead_AMC cast member, former… https://t.co/5Sz6kjTT8m
27th November, 2017
Morgan already had an (uninteresting) extended episode? If this is where #morgan loses his mind, then I might be o… https://t.co/0wXU48Rwvq
27th November, 2017 #morgan
#LennyJames a.k.a. Morgan will cross over from #TWD to #FearTWD Well I'm a little bit of disappointed because I exp… https://t.co/vIwZjjJZQN
27th November, 2017