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@arnews1936 @foxnews @morningjoe First common sense truthful utterance from Joe Scarborough in a very long time. #abt time
10th December, 2016 #abt
#Abt to turn up the after party at guvenor for abryanz style n fashion awards #Br8zy king brand Okimanyi nawe
9th December, 2016 #Abt
Stay tuned today on Russian Pointe's Instagram Story, Betsy at the Barre! Follow- @russianpointebrand.… https://t.co/MsqWjSUk7K
9th December, 2016
Abbott Laboratories announces quarterly dividend of $0.265. Payable on 2/15/2017. 2.74% Yield. https://t.co/Ty2AHVsLH7 $ABT #ABT
9th December, 2016 #ABT