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@GeckoComms @JessPals @Waggy_rascal When my mum was little she used 2 read #Abu-Garcia lure catalogues on long car rides 😆 Troo story.
7th January, 2017 #Abu
Actually. I might be talking shite. According to George Evans' Wiki he's a blue from Stockport #Rags #ABU https://t.co/f7rPbVOrp0
7th January, 2017 #ABU
Good luck to our @YeovilLadiesFC Youth Teams today braving the cold! As always a massive thankyou to the parents for all your support #ABU 💚
7th January, 2017 #ABU
Man U v Reading will be their 55th consecutive FA cup game broadcast live on TV - that is crazy #ABU
7th January, 2017 #ABU