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Congratulations to Christine on her first car! The #AcuraRDX is the perfect choice!
17th February, 2018 #AcuraRDX
Jewel Boxes: Compact Luxury Crossovers Ranked from Worst to Best: ------------------------
14th February, 2018
.@IIM_Media Lifers @Jenmcraig & @candace_arvin had a blast test driving the Acura​ RDX - 279 horsepower, 20MPG city…
10th February, 2018
.@MullerAcuraNWI​ , @Jenmcraig ​ and @candace_arvin​ teamed up for a super cool test drive of the #AcuraRDX ! Check…
10th February, 2018 #AcuraRDX