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@a58diamonds Yet it is you that is caught red-handed #adding to Quran. I have stated, I think this is VERY brave of you. I wouldn't do this
22nd October, 2016 #adding
Ms. G's class thinking and talking about our math strategies with @Damien_Ettere today! @GrahamRoadES #math
22nd October, 2016
@a58diamonds by #adding what you are doing is arrogating to yourself divinity. That would fall under sin in my view- the worst kind.
21st October, 2016 #adding
@a58diamonds Yet you are the one #adding to the Quran. Not me. The person if there is a person who is choosing here is you. Not me.
21st October, 2016 #adding
@a58diamonds If its vice versa why are you the one #adding to what Quran says? I am not the one doing this. I don't see need to update Quran
21st October, 2016 #adding