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Obstetric anesthesiologists featured in maternal emergency. #obanes. #afe. @nhi621 @LimGrapes
24th August, 2017 #afe
@IanKarmel finally caught up on "pet peeves" ep and found myself yelling YESSSSSS after each choice. We all won. #afe
22nd August, 2017 #afe
@IanKarmel As a counterpoint to the "Things that are good actually" ep of #AFE, do a "Things that are bad actually" ep with same guests.
21st August, 2017 #AFE
@iankarmel: @craigoriah, @TaylorKline & I home-#AFE'd activities for tourists to get quintessential US experience. The draft was serpentine.
20th August, 2017 #AFE
@IanKarmel - can 'donuts' be a future #AFE draft? You & 2 guests, 4 rounds= 1 dozen.
19th August, 2017 #AFE
All the pods are great, but whenever the 3 of you are on it's Gold. Everytime. 😂 @IanKarmel @thegissilent @SeanSJordan #AFE #Sandwich
19th August, 2017 #AFE