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#Romance #africanamerican Current Bestsellers #4: Hooked: Addicted to A Supreme Love - Hooked: Addicted to A Suprem…
22nd January, 2018 #africanamerican
I have a new color, Tiffany Blue, for two of my bridal shower games, check them out. #bridetobe #feyonce #engaged
22nd January, 2018
…..increasing interactive content & parental guidance models featured on &…
22nd January, 2018
Viola Davis speaks up for women and girls of color at Women's March #Womensmarch2018
22nd January, 2018
From Liberty to Magnolia: In Search of the American Dream. Learn more about my odyssey here
22nd January, 2018
This wonderful and eclectic collection of poetry! A must read for all women! @sykers
21st January, 2018