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just to let everyone know this is a subtweet about me #aimed
29th December, 2016 #aimed
this is #aimed at tweets that say girls exist to look after men like where do I begin - the misogyny? male entitlement? heteronormativity?
29th December, 2016 #aimed
I just read the biggest twitter rant that ended with '#aimed ~pop up for info' I beg someone explain why she didn't just tag them🤔🤔
29th December, 2016 #aimed
We all know that one person who sets up all of their social media like it's tinder. Fucking get a grip 😂 #aimed 😏💁🏻
27th December, 2016 #aimed
Hate seeing nice girls wi total melts tbh #Aimed
24th December, 2016 #Aimed
Just waiting for twitter to add an exciting, snapchat like feature that nobody will use. Messenger, Instagram #aimed
23rd December, 2016 #aimed