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Saw this post on my FB wall, which says it's the Russian #Akula Gepard. It's still a interesting pic. #submarine 🇷🇺 https://t.co/KhA0gNctD4
17th January, 2018 #Akula
Playlist update: three new interesting releases of 2018 are now playing on SLOWLY, the playlist with the best sludg… https://t.co/4FJ80qnGMh
16th January, 2018
New addition to my Family... The name of Orange is Akula and the Black-White is named Himalayan #BikeMySoul… https://t.co/i9Ya2VrJ7A
13th January, 2018
PSYCHOROCK: The Mixtape with the Best Psychedelic Rock of the year! Volume 1 features brand new songs by… https://t.co/PWZwV1ZFVi
12th January, 2018
Btw he was in a #Akula in Stealth thats why i said he was hiding lol #GTAOnline https://t.co/ZnAaMpM3xm
9th January, 2018 #Akula